How To Avoid The Simple Mistake That Damages Profits In Your Photography Business

The Oh So Simple Way To Define Your Ideal Client And The Trap You Must Avoid

Too many people miss this….

You will see me talk a LOT about knowing and defining your ideal client. Because it is hugely important. It is a huge foundation in your business. So much so that it can be the difference between being broke and profitable. Because without it your marketing is about as much use as a chocolate ash-tray on a motorbike.


Ask yourself one simple question – what do your ideal clients want?

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If you can describe what your prospects and clients want in a way that resonates with them, you have a much better way of finding them and booking them.


But what is the trap I must avoid?

Defining ideal clients in terms of what you offer.

For example:

  • If you are a wedding photographer you might think wedding photography or a wedding album
  • If you’re a corporate photographer you might think images of the people and the business

But if you define your ideal clients by how they are related to you, you are missing the underlying desire.

You need to think a little harder about what your ideal clients REALLY want.

Let’s take our two examples from above.

  • People who book a wedding photographer don’t want a wedding photographer. They want to be able to look back on their special day for years to come, to relive it, to feel all the hope, joy and love that your wedding day brings. Remember those special moments, the details. Maybe even show off a little.
  • Business owners who book corporate photography don’t want headshot and photos of their business. They want more clients, more profits – your photography is a tool to help them get that.


How Do You Work Out What Your Ideal Client Truly Wants?

Well first, I want you to watch this short video about Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs. It will help you in defining what your ideal clients want.

Of particular importance are – Safety, Emotional and Esteem.

Now you understand that your business could always be a struggle without a clear definition of your ideal client. You also know that while it is important to describe your ideal client, many descriptions are next to useless.

Describing your audience in terms of what they want, and knowing the context of how this relates to your business, is way to go.

So if you could give one thing for your ideal client, what would that be? Remember, it is what they truly want, not what you sell or think they need.

If you are struggling with this, go back to the video and pay particular attention to the layers Safety, Emotional and Esteem. What do these needs mean to your clients?

You may need to think about this for a while, but it should help you make an educated guess about what your clients truly want. We are just scratching the surface of understanding your ideal client, but taking action on this one simple step will put you ahead of most of your competitors.


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