Seriously, do you truly know what they want?

Or are you just assuming because of what every other photographer sells?

Or maybe, because you have your reasons, you dictate to your prospects what they will buy?

Think about it, you are going to spend anything from £100 or $100 upwards, sometimes way upwards, and you have a choice between someone offering exactly what you want or someone who has decided that you can only buy certain things. Which are you going to choose?

I asked this question in the Prosperous Photographer Community earlier today (you can join free at this link) and someone asked me if this was about specialisation and wasn’t it important to specialise?

Here is part of my response:

No, it isn’t about specialising in the type of photography you do, i.e. weddings, commercial etc because they all have very different audiences. It is more about what you offer your chosen audience and more importantly, what your chosen audience wants. Does that make sense?

It is about understanding what your audience wants and finding a way to give it that works for both of you.

Asking you to think about whether you really know what your clients want, or whether you have assumed.

Let’s take an example. Commercial photography. How do you deliver the final product – is it in a manner that works well for you, or is it in a way that say small businesses want?

So I am a small business owner. I book a photographer to do a commercial shoot and the images are delivered as high res files via a download.

With my crappy rural internet connection it is going to take ages to download and tie up my internet at the same time. I would love it, and pay more as an upgrade, if the photographer gave me the option to have them mailed to me on a USB stick. I would also love it if the photographer also offered low res versions of each image prepped for 3 social media channels with my logo water marked on each image so that all I had to do was post the images to my social media channel. Again as an upgrade.

Think about it, for most small business owners, who are probably trying to do a gazillion things at once with a to do list longer than the Amazon River, resizing images and adding their logo to them is a real faff. They don’t have Lightroom.

That would be money well spent, and it would be cheaper for me than spending time doing that as I could invest that time into my business getting more clients.

Do you see what I am getting at now? When you truly know what your audience wants, and offer it to them, you can actually be a lot more profitable.

And please anyone don’t tell me that people won’t pay for that. They will, IF they are shown the value. IF they are shown how it will benefit and repay them. At the moment many photographers websites do not show that value, they show photography as a commodity. And commodities are compared on price. It is the photographer’s responsibility to demonstrate that value, not the consumer’s job to search and uncover that value.


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