If you are struggling to get some momentum in your photography business, or with confidence and pricing, or are just getting started charging for your work, I recorded this video for you.

In it I share why it is a mistake when starting out, to focus on making a profit, rather than building your self-belief, your confidence and proving that people will pay you for your photography.

This cost one of my clients many, many thousands and years in growing his business (we’ve fixed that now).

Often times we will procrastinate by focusing on improving our knowledge by doing photography courses and making our editing top notch instead of getting out there and improving our experience and ability to deliver, self-confidence and belief out there in the real world.

You don’t have to be a great photographer and image editor to give great value to clients as long as your pricing is appropriate.

So if you are good enough (and you are) get out there, focus on building a client base, building your real-world experience and confidence, then focus on growing your profits.

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