Are you frustrated that the days when you could publish a website for your photography business and be confident of a steady flow of leads and clients are long gone?

Feeling sick and tired of spending a small fortune on courses from rockstar photographers and gurus, trying everything that you were taught and still feeling like you are stuck on a treadmill of buying courses, studying, spending money, trying the latest “tactics” and getting nowhere fast?

You want to grow your business and profits so that you no longer have to worry about paying the bills or chasing clients, no matter how good a fit they are.

You are not alone.

So many photographers say that their marketing isn’t working…

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That you can’t be successful in today’s ultra-competitive photography market.

However, that is simply not true.

Yet we know that good marketing works, and that you can be successful as a photographer.

There is plenty of evidence that is the case.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you any different.

Why Most Photographers Struggle in Business…

So why is it that most photographers have great difficulty in replicating the success of the leaders in the Photography Business?

Because copying what worked for the leaders is just about guaranteed to fail unless you have the exact same circumstances in your business because you aren’t taught how to take the tactics that are being taught and adapt them to YOUR market and business using proven and tested principles.

So copying other photographers is really the first big mistake many photographers make in business.

You’re smart, you know that there has to be a better way of launching, growing and scaling your photography business than trying to copy what everyone else is doing.

And when you look at the results (or the lack of results) that so many photographers are getting, why would you want to copy them anyway?

You know that you have to be a bit more savvy, a bit smarter when it comes to establishing and growing your photography business so that it supports you and your family and enables you to create your ideal life.

So let’s stop looking at what other photographers are doing and modelling that.

Stop blindly following what the rockstar photographers teach. Many of them might have successful businesses photographing clients, but they only teach what worked for them so that you can copy them.

They rarely teach you the underlying principles to their success, principles that have been tested and proven over many years.

So let’s start by understanding the common mistakes that photographers in business make…


The 7 Common Mistakes Photographers Make in Business

This is vital because if you are not aware that you are making mistakes then you can’t do anything to fix them.

There are 7 main mistakes:

  1. Not setting clear goals
  2. Information overload
  3. Lack of clear strategy
  4. You don’t know what your clients really want or truly understand your target market
  5. Marketing to only a tiny percentage of your potential prospects
  6. Speaking To All Your Prospects Like They Are Ready To Buy Now
  7. You’re Stuck In The Starving Photographer Myth

Now that you know what the mistakes are, you need to understand more about them and how you can avoid them -we’ll take a deeper look at each one in the coming weeks so that you can avoid them in your photography business.

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