Imagine, for a moment, an archer. This archer is confident and exceptionally skilled, having honed her speed and accuracy over many years of practice.

Now imagine that this archer has been placed in a pitch black room and asked to hit targets. Oh yes, and her livelihood depends on her accuracy.

She’d try her best, randomly shooting in all directions, but of course her success would be entirely tied to luck, not skill.

Many professional and semi-professional photographers are in the same position as the archer, standing in a pitch black room, desperately trying to hit targets they can’t even see.

Is This You?

Perhaps this describes the scenario you’re currently in?Wedding photography clients

Far too many photographers and businesses rely on luck and an attitude of “if you built it they will come” to get clients. The fact is, without a solid strategy on which to build your business, you are literally shooting in the dark.

Strategy is a word that gets tossed about quite a bit when discussing small business. In fact, it gets used so much that it has become something of a buzzword.

For photographers, a strategy is simply a structure around which your photography business is built. It’s the framework to define everything from what types of clients you’re going to target, to pricing, to services you offer.

To put it another way, it gives the archer clear targets to hit. Or photographers a clear way to get clients.

By implementing a strategy – the 7-Day Client Attraction Plan for example – into your business, you remove the need for luck, ensuring that your time and energy is focused in the most effective way possible.

How Does It Work?

How? Let me walk you through it briefly:

The process starts with defining your Perfect Client. Identifying your Perfect Client makes it easier to attract and work with the people you WANT to photograph, providing better income, and more importantly, a more fulfilling business.

family photography clientsThe insight gained from identifying your Perfect Client will allow you to create your Core Promise. This is a summary of what you can offer, targeted at your client’s strongest pain points and goals. This simple messaging helps you cut through the noise and offer a compelling product or service.

Armed with your Perfect Client and Core Promise, you’re then ready to create a Signature Service. It’s a way of positioning your photography and service in a unique and compelling form. When you do this your prospects and clients no longer see you as just one photographer among many.

The next step in your strategy is targeted at those leads who are interested, but not quite ready to buy. These people are ignored by many photographers and business owners, to their detriment. I call this process your Offer Suite, and it’s made up of a series of small steps that build credibility and trust, guiding people from a lead to a client.

The very first transaction in the Offer Suite is something I call the Perfect Invite. This is your primary tool for generating new subscribers. It’s a specific promise you make to prospects that address their concerns, fears, frustrations or desires. This is usually through an article, PDF guide or other piece of relevant content.

An important part of your business strategy is the Client Pathway. This one page document outlines the steps taken from the time someone becomes aware of your services (a lead) to the point when they decide to work with you (a client).

The final piece of your strategy involves traffic sources. Small business owners have access to an embarrassment of riches in the are of traffic sources. Often the sheer volume of them can be overwhelming. In this part of the strategy, you choose and prioritise a single source and focus your efforts there.

The Most Important Piece

I said that your traffic source was the final piece of your strategy to get clients. But there is actually another step, one that’s even more important that all the rest – implementation. Unless you’re willing to use the pieces ofphotography client your strategy in your business, then all this work will have been for nothing. You’ll be back to shooting in the dark. With no more clients than before.

In this article we’ve briefly covered each of the pieces that make up a strategy for successful photography business, specifically, the 7-Day Client Attraction Plan. The simple truth is, you MUST have some kind of strategy in place to achieve any kind of stable, lasting success in your business.

You can’t hit a target you can’t even see.

Do you want more information on the 7-Step Client Attraction Plan and how it could help your business? You can find out all about it here:

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