I Am Admired By Others – Reflection

I have many excellent qualities that others find admirable. These qualities include my intelligence, compassion, assertiveness, and sense of adventure.

Being admired by others fills me with confidence and gratitude. I am working hard at improving myself and enjoy the process. Being admired is merely icing on the cake.

On occasion, someone might make a negative comment to me. I remind myself that it is common for people to have a bad day. I receive many compliments and I know that most people think highly of me. I am free from being affected by the negative opinions of others.

It is an advantage to have a high level of influence among my peers. I use that influence to be the best leader I can be. People follow my lead and feel comfortable with my ideas and suggestions.

I find that others seek out my advice and value my opinion. I am well liked and respected. I do my best to help others while respecting my own needs.

I enjoy an active social life. I find it easy to make friends and others enjoy spending time with me. I can always find an enthusiastic partner for any activity that interests me.

Today, I live my life with the best of intentions, and follow through with kind words and deeds. I enjoy the knowledge that others think highly of me and use that to help others and myself to the best of my ability.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Who are some people that already admire me?
  2. What is it that they admire about me the most?
  3. What characteristics about myself could I change for the better?

To download a PDF version of this affirmation, click this link: I am admired by others

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