Have you ever felt that creating a successful photography business shouldn’t be as hard as it often seems?

That there must be a better way of doing things than working crazy hours, trying to implement what others have done but it never quite seems to fit you and your business?

I know that I felt that way like there was a missing piece to the puzzle. That the income and lifestyle I deserved was being held back from me.

But it wasn’t until I realised that…

… although it wasn’t my fault that the Uncle Bob’s and the spray and pray photographers had 0ver-run the market…

it was my responsibility to do something about it.

Just like it is your responsibility too.

I can’t imagine how many clients you’ve already missed out on impacting with your photography business…

… How many dollars have escaped you because YOU were not seen as the trusted “must-book” photographer in your market.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, not anymore.


7 Steps…

There are 7 steps to booking more clients in your photography business without competing on price in a crowded market:

Step 1: Identify and understand your Perfect Client

Step 2: Create a message that resonates with and motivates your target market – by answering 5 simple questions.

Step 3: Create a Signature Service that demonstrates your value and stands out in a crowded market.

Step 4: Structure your pricing in a way that increases sales and profits.

Step 5: Grow your audience with a Perfect Invitation.

Step 6: Nurture that audience into raving fans and clients – without hard-selling or high-pressure tactics.

Step 7: Be seen everywhere that your prospects are, drawing targeted prospects into this powerful system that works on autopilot.


I’m willing to bet that if you’re not getting:

  • Consistent leads every single week or
  • You’re failing to convert leads into clients you love to photograph and who value your work…

Then you’re either missing some of the 7 steps, or you’re not doing them properly in your photography business.

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