5 Reasons Not To Become A Work At Home Mom

5 Reasons Not To Become A Work at Home Mom

Last week I wrote about reasons to consider becoming a work at home mom. So this week I thought I would balance things out a little with 5 reasons not to become a work at home mom. As with most things in life there are two sides and forewarned is forearmed.

With the change from working outside the home to working within the home, you may experience unexpected challenges. The only way to make this transition is by identifying and understanding some of the disadvantages that can happen when deciding to work from home.

1: Make Your Own Schedule

No matter how you try to organize your calendar and daily schedule, this can all be over-turned in a split second. There may be the sudden need of sick or just fussy infant or toddler that just wants your attention, or it may come from a school-aged child who has just fallen sick at school and needs to be picked up.

2: End up Working More If You Are Not Careful

When you were working outside of the home, there were most likely set times of operation. You had a set time to be at work and a time to leave work. When working at home, it is easy to get carried away in your home office or other special place in your home, and work late hours.

Working these late hours could leave you too tired the next day to continue a hectic schedule. What can then happen is you becoming over-worked. When you reach this level, it will be harder to stay happy, take care of your clients, take care of your family, and take care of yourself.

3: Lost Time Through Constant Interruptions

When mom is seen working from home, this may not be fully understood by the children, or spouses for that matter. You might find yourself constantly interrupted by your kids while you try and work on a task. If it’s not the children, it’s the neighbors, or the phone, or the mail carrier.

All these interruptions will only take more time away from your work. This in turn means longer working hours for you due to commitments that you may have already made with clients.

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4: Dealing With More

Being a work at home mom doesn’t change the fact that you are still working and still trying to run a household. In fact, you may be having to deal with more household items as your family now sees you at home and may assume you now have more time.

You could also be the one that puts more demands on yourself as well. For example, you may be distracted with tasks that need to be done around the home, and lose track of the work that you need to get done.

 5: Hard to Find Me Time

Sometimes, your family may see your work time as time already spent by yourself, so why would you need anything more? Since you are at home, the demands continue and soon your calendar and your day become full.

Time for yourself may only be at night, but by then you may be too exhausted to do anything but just sleep. It’s amazing how quickly your day can fill up with work you are obligated to do and the demands of your family.

There is never a perfect place. It is only as perfect as you allow it to be.

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