Monthly Archives: November 2014

How Many Priorities Do You Really Need?

Once you start setting priorities successfully, you’ll see how helpful it is. You may even find that you have fun with it. But there might be a temptation to go list crazy and over-organize, setting too many priorities and making it impossible for yourself to get everything done. In terms of big goals and major […]

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How to Publish a Slideshow on Slideshare In Three Easy Steps

According to many business and marketing experts, slide shows are on the rise. [social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”]More businesses are using slideshows and presentations to reach a larger audience and provide valuable content.[/social_quote], owned by LinkedIn, has been cited as one of the fastest growing social sites. SlideShare has 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million page views. […]

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How To Stop Procrastinating

There are many reasons we procrastinate. One of the main reasons is that the task at hand seems too overwhelming or difficult. It’s only a matter of getting started, but if a task seems too big and overwhelming, you don’t know where to start. The way out of this situation is to break the task […]

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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets are outselling personal computers by leaps and bounds. As mobile technology becomes more efficient and affordable, the trend will continue to grow.[social_quote duplicate=”yes” align=”default”] If you still have an old-fashioned website, a Flash website, or a website that is otherwise not mobile friendly, it’s time to change that right […]

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How To Tame The Email Monster

How much time do you spend reading and responding to – or simply deleting – emails? How much unread email currently clutters your inbox? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the answer (in both cases) is far too much! In fact, if you were brave enough to actually time yourself, you’d very likely find you spend […]

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E-Mail Marketing 101

Email marketing is still the most effective form of online marketing. It’s one of the few marketing methods that gets you up close and personal with your audience on an individual basis. Some marketers think they should give up on email marketing but nothing could be further than the truth. The money is still in […]

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