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Content Marketing: Using Video

Video has become a driving force in content marketing. One only has to look as far as YouTube’s success to see that video content is a thriving entity all on its own. In fact, you can create a thriving business using mostly video as your main type of content. But, if you normally just use […]

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Marketing With Stories – Wrapping It Up

This series of blog posts about marketing with stories gave you a lot to think about. You’ve learned that marketing stories aren’t that different from any type of story that you read in childhood or that your parents told you. All marketing stories have some components that make them exciting. The story is about someone […]

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Content Marketing 101

The great thing about content marketing, aside from the fact that it is an inexpensive form of marketing that works, is that it’s a true investment in your business that pays off over and over again, year after year. When you create content today, it will be working for you a year from now. Creating […]

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Cost-Effective Eco-Friendly Tips

Being conscientious of the environment can be hard and appears to be costly as well. But it doesn’t have to be. You can be eco-friendly without breaking the bank. Here are some cost-effective eco-friendly tips to help you out. Unplug appliances When appliances are not in use but are plugged in, they are still using […]

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Ten Percent

  Do you let your reaction to events disproportionately govern your life? If so, try and let go of your reactions, accept the situation is what it is and you will be in a far better place mentally to deal with it than if you are consumed with reactions.

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