Monthly Archives: May 2014

Choosing an Autoresponder Service or Software

Ah technology. It’s such a great thing, but sometimes can be frustrating to figure out what exactly we need and then how to use it. Let’s explore some of your options when it comes to email marketing and hopefully things will become a bit clearer. As your mailing list grows, it should quickly become apparent […]

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Why Facebook is Important for Business

Remember a few years ago, when some were claiming that Facebook was a just “passing fad?” That idea almost seems crazy now, given how much Facebook has become ingrained in so many people’s lives. As of the end of December 2012, Facebook has more than one billion active monthly users, 82% of whom are located […]

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Why Email Marketing is Important for Businesses

I promised to be back and here we are, with possibly the most important discussion about why email marketing is important for business. Let’s get right into that. Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets have certainly become important avenues for online marketing campaigns, but good old fashioned email marketing still holds a great deal […]

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Meet Guest Blogger Sabrina Jensen

Facebook remains the world’s leader in social media and that’s why most business must consider some type of Facebook presence. I also know that a lot of our readers are often asking questions about Facebook, so that’s why I brought in our special guest Sabrina Jensen whose being working closely with Facebook for quite some […]

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Meet Andy Johnston, Our New Guest Blogger

If there’s one thing for certain, email still makes the online world go around. Despite the doom and gloom many have predicted for email with innovations like RSS and social media, email still rules the day. It’s a crucial marketing medium for the success of any online business (or any business at all), so I’ve […]

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