Helping Small Business Owners Get Clarity and Bring Into Focus Exactly What Their Business Needs To Attract More Clients and Grow

The Working A Better Life Philosophy Is Simple




Working A Better Life specialises in helping small business owners and professional photographers simplify their businesses through clarity and focused action that brings results so that they can grow their business and increase profits. Whilst reducing stress and overwhelm.

No cookie cutter templates that don't fit or shortcuts that don't work, we design a business around you, your market and your objectives so that your passion makes enough money to not only pay your bills and support your family, but also creates a business that you are proud of


The three vital stepping stones that will position you as the one and only solution for your prospects, yet 99% of photographers NEVER do this. 


Simplify your marketing and put it on autopilot with a deceptively simple marketing plan to nurture prospects into leads and clients.


Once you have a steady flow of leads and clients the next step is to supercharge the growth of your business, and increase your profits using scale and leverage.

Your business will reach more prospects and convert more bookings without you working longer and harder, so that you grow and scale your photography business and revenue more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible…

Giving you the confidence and security of being fully in control of your business and your life so that you’ll have more time, more freedom, more money and more fun!

Talk of the town...

Here's what other business owners and photographers are saying about working with Louise..


Louise Is A Phenomenal Mentor

Louise is a phenomenal mentor, the knowledge and focus she has brought not only to my business, but to the way I see my business is brilliant. I have never come across anyone who gives knowledge so freely and comprehensively. She has an ability to cut to the heart of the matter and see what each different business needs to make it successful. My business has moved forward with more traction and focus in the last 6 months than in the 2 years previously. I highly recommend working with Louise; even one phone call will make a difference to moving your business forward. She is very knowledgable, helpful and inspiring.

Hemma Mason , Photographer

This Is Top Quality and Will Be Much More Helpful Than Much Of What Is Out There!

I meant it when I said the materials are great. I have done a LOT of education, much of it from ‘big names’ and I honestly think this is truly top quality and will be much more helpful than much of what is out there!

Jen Moore , Photographer

The Program Doesn’t Chase Any Quick Shortcut Fixes, It’s Building For The Future

A serious amount of knowledge has been passed on in proper and methodical trainings. The program doesn’t chase any quick shortcut fixes, its building for the future. You have gone above expectations on numerous times and really do care about the people you work with. I really wish I’d known about you 3 years ago when I signed up elsewhere. The more I see and learn with you the more I wonder what did I spend 8.4k on over 2 years and get very little in comparison.

Paul Swift , Photographer

The Business Training Courses I’ve Gotten Have Never Ever Taught Me This

Live I’ve mentioned before I wish I found this course about 4 years ago. The business training courses I’ve gotten have never ever taught me this.

Darren George , Photographer

Ability To See The Big Picture And Convey It In A Simple, Effective Way

Louise was a huge help in bringing focus the Why (vs. the What) of my photography. Her ability to see the big picture and convey it in a simple, effective way made it easy for me to instantly apply her input into improving my marketing / promotional materials. Louise is also such a pleasure to interact with while being generous with her time, energy, experience, and input. I could feel how much she enjoys photography and what a reward it is for her to be of service to both the craft and to the people like her who are drawn to it. I definitely recommend Louise to anyone looking to take things to the next level.

Robert Bengtson , Photographer

Before I Worked With Louise I Felt Very Rudderless

Before I worked with Louise I felt very rudderless switching tactics constantly with no real idea of what I wanted or where I wanted to end up. Just knew I wanted new clients! Working with Louise keeps me focussed and on task – I am very easily distracted. I really like this style of working with someone as it is like having your own marketing mentor on hand. Louise always responds promptly and with great advice/recommendations and next steps, keeping me on the right path when need be. Louise has definitely helped me to get more focused and strategic and Iwould highly recommend working with Louise if you are needing business or marketing help – and who doesn’t?

Gerri Campbell , Photographer

This Is Amazing. It’s Still Sinking In…

This is amazing. It is still sinking in – I try to memorise the steps and each day I write it down from memory. I want to memorise all the information and guidelines and implement it and deliver it to my customers.

George Novak , Photographer

No Flannel, No Hyperbole, No Gushing

I can’t recommend this program highly enough. Oh, and I also love the fact there’s no flannel, no hyperbole, no gushing. Just friendly, encouraging, logical, matter-of-factness (is that a word?) which explains everything you need to know.

Donna Green , Photographer

One Of The Best Teaching About Branding / Marketing

I bought the 2017 5DayDeal Photography Business and Marketing Bundle (with products from Sue Bryce, Susan Stripling, Joel Grimes, Sandy Puc, Sarah Petty, Lori Nordstrum and many more) and I think this is one of the best teaching about branding/marketing among all the materials in the bundle.

Iwona Tiana , Photographer, London